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    Thank you very much for very good news! I understand the complication you had, no problem, we appreciate your honesty and collaboration. You have supplied good dies, all sizes within tolerance. We have ordered dies for a total amount of more than 200,000 USD and we are continuing to order. Thank you again to you and your very professional team.
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    The polyamide strips are working perfectly. Thanks a lot.
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    Hello, finally we will receive the container by tomorrow. Special thanks for your hard work and especially my CEO mentioned you and appreciated your work. Thank you again.
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Good Heat Resistance Polyamide Pa66 High Rigidity For Nylon Extruding Profiles

Place of Origin Zhangjiagang, China
Brand Name Polywell
Certification SGS
Model Number PA66GF25
Minimum Order Quantity 1 ton
Price USD 1500-2200/T
Packaging Details Nylon Bag
Delivery Time 10-15 working days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 20 Ton/Day
Product Details
Product Name Nylon/PA66 Granules Color Black
Material PA66+GF25 Grade Extruion
Pattern Customized Type Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Granules
Certificate SGS Form Polyamide 66 Resin Pellet
Fiber Type Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specification 25kg/bag
Port Shanghai Application Nylon Extruding Profiles
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High Rigidity Polyamide Nylon Pa66


Good Heat Resistance Polyamide Pa66


GF25 Polyamide Nylon Pa66

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Product Description

High Rigidity Polyamide Pa66 For Nylon Extruding Profiles


Product Introduction:

Nylon/PA66 granules are mainly used for nylon extruding profiles and nylon thermoal insulation strips. Thegranules produced by our company are special materials used for nylon extruding profiles. In order to ensure the production of nylon profiles of different shapes and complexities, we have developed different formulations. Our product can be customized according to customer requirements, far exceeding national standards. High efficiency flame retardants can also be added to it to achievethe purpose of flame retardant.

High strength, high rigidity, good heat resistance, low water absorption, low shrinkage, self-lubricating properties, and good processing properties. Among them, there is no floating fiber reinforced nylon 6 grade, and the surface gloss is good. Available in white and black, depending on the user's color requirements, you can negotiate custom other Our materials are vacuum dried. Then it is sealed and packaged and shipped to you. Therefore, if the thick PE film used for vacuum packaging is not damaged, it can be used directly.


Good Heat Resistance Polyamide Pa66 High Rigidity For Nylon Extruding Profiles 0


Polywell PA66 Granules Performance Table

NO. Item Unit GB/T 23615.1-2009 pw-Technical specification
  Material Properties
1 Density g/cm3 1.3±0.05 1.28-1.35
2 Linear expansion coefficient K-1 (2.3-3.5)*10-5 (2.3-3.5)*10-5
3 Vicat softening temperature ºC ≥230ºC ≥233ºC
4 Melting point ºC ≥240 ≥240
5 Testing for tensile cracks - No cracks No cracks
6 Shore hardness - 80±5 80-85
7 Impact strength(Unnotched) KJ/m2 ≥35 ≥38
8 Tensile strength(longitudinal) MPa ≥80a ≥82a
9 Elasticity modulus MPa ≥4500 ≥4550
10 Elongation at break % ≥2.5 ≥2.6
11 Tensile strength(transverse) MPa ≥70a ≥70a
12 High temperature tensile strength(transverse) MPa ≥45a ≥47a
13 Low temperature tensile strength(transverse) MPa ≥80a ≥81a
14 Water resistance tensile strength(transverse) MPa ≥35a ≥35a
15 Aging resistance tensile strength(transverse) MPa ≥50a ≥50a


1. Sample water content less than 0.2% by weight.
2. Norm laboratory condition:(23±2)ºC and (50±10)% relative humidity.
3. The specifications marked with "a" only applies to I-shape strip otherwise, the specifications concluded between supplier and buyer through consultation, shall be written in contract or purchase order.


Details of related standard:

  • GB/T 23615.1-2009 Accessorial material for architectural aluminum alloy profiles -- Part 1: Thermal barrier strip of polyamide
  • EN 14024-2004 Metal profiles with thermal barrier -- Mechanical performance Requirement, proof and tests for assessment
  • YS/T 437-2008 Aluminium profiles moment of inertia calculation methods and computing software requirements
  • JG/T 174-2005 Thermal barrier strips for construction industry
  • GB 5237.6 -2012 Wrought aluminium alloy extruded profiles for architecture -- Part 6: Thermal barrier profiles
  • GB/T 8478-2008 Aluminium windows and doors
  • GB/T 8484-2008 Graduation and test for thermal insulating properties of doors and windows
  • JG 175-2011 Insulating aluminum alloy profiles with thermal barrier for buildings

Good Heat Resistance Polyamide Pa66 High Rigidity For Nylon Extruding Profiles 1

1. Competitive price, free samples, short delivery period.
2. Low smoke and other characteristics.

3. Good wear resistance,self-lubrication,long-term work at high temperature.
4. High CTI value,excellent electrical insulation.
5. Fast crystallization,fast forming,high temperature resistance.
6. Anti-ultraviolet radiation,anti-chemical agent corrosion.
7. High yield,easy start-up,and get less scrap in the early start-up stage.
8. No lack or incomplete of profiles in the production process.
9. There are different formulations for different shapes.



PA (nylon) materials must be properly dried in order to provide parts with optimum strength and toughness. Nylon materials are hygroscopic and will become degraded by excessive moisture during the injection molding process. Product is supplied in moisture-protected containers and drying prior to molding is not required. If drying becomes necessary, a dehumidifying or desiccant dryer operating at 80 °C (176 °F) is recommended. Drying time is dependent on moisture level, but 4-6 hours is generally sufficient, but final moisture content must be less than 0.2%


Our Company

Zhangjiagang Polywell Engineering Plastics Company is located in the city of Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, China. Our company has devoted more than ten years to the research and development and production of nylon extruding profiles. According to customer reaction, using our PA66 granules for production can get high yiedl, easy start-up, and get less scrap in the early start-up stage. There will be no lack or incomplete of profiles in the production process, thus avoiding material waste.


Good Heat Resistance Polyamide Pa66 High Rigidity For Nylon Extruding Profiles 2


It is mainly used for nylon extruding profiles and nylon thermal break extruding strips. The granules produced by our company are special materials for nylon extruding profiles.There are different formulations for different shapes and complexities to ensure the smooth production of nylon profiles.

Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging details:25kg/bag
Delivery details: shipped in 5-10 working days after receiving the payment

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