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    Thank you very much for very good news! I understand the complication you had, no problem, we appreciate your honesty and collaboration. You have supplied good dies, all sizes within tolerance. We have ordered dies for a total amount of more than 200,000 USD and we are continuing to order. Thank you again to you and your very professional team.
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    The polyamide strips are working perfectly. Thanks a lot.
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Contact Person : Camille Cai
Phone Number : 86-13584481777
WhatsApp : +8613584481777

Broken Bridge Aluminum Thermal Insulation Window Frame Manufacturers

Place of Origin Zhangjiagang
Brand Name Polywell
Minimum Order Quantity 1 square metre
Price USD 60-120 1 square metre
Packaging Details Protective corrugated board and wrap film packaging prevents from scratches and waterproof. Rigid frame wooden crates provide protection during carriage and shipping.
Delivery Time 15-30 DAYS
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 12500 square metre per month.
Product Details
Model Yes Aluminum Window Profiles Surface Finishing Wood Grain, Mechanically Polished
Certification ISO Color Customized Any Colors
Thickness Customized Other Finishing MillFinish, Fluorocarbon Painting, PVDF
Length 1m-7m, Generally 5.85m For Container HS Code 7610100000
Specification As Per As Request Alloying Ingredient 6063,6061,6005, 6060 T5/T6
Polished Aluminum Profile Mechanical Polishing Origin Zhangjiagang,China
Advantage Thermal-Break Transport Package Brown Paper, Wooden Pallet
Nylon Insulation Strip PA-66+GF25
High Light

5.85m Aluminum Thermal Insulation Window


Broken Bridge Thermal Insulation Window


Wear Resistance Thermal Insulation Window

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Product Description

Broken bridge aluminum Windows:The Broken bridge aluminum Window is designed and manufactured by our company.With heat insulation broken bridge aluminum and insulating glass, it has the functions of energy saving, sound insulation, noise prevention, dustproof, waterproof and so on. The heat conduction coefficient K value of the broken bridge aluminum Windows produced by our company is below 3W/㎡·K, which reduces the heat loss by half than ordinary doors and Windows, reduces the heating cost by about 30%, and the sound insulation is more than 29 decibels. The water tightness and air tightness are good, both reaching the national A1 class window standard.

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Heat insulation material

1. Better materials

The PA66 nylon heat insulation strip used by our company is an important part of heat insulation used in broken bridge aluminum profiles . PA-66 insulation is a blend of 25% glass fiber nylon material, its wear resistance, strength and high temperature resistance performance is better than other materials, and PA-66 nylon insulation tensile strength and expansion coefficient and aluminum alloy is the same, not due to thermal expansion and contraction causes deformation of doors and Windows .

Broken Bridge Aluminum Thermal Insulation Window Frame Manufacturers 2

2. Reasonable structure

PA-66 nylon heat insulation strip has better material plasticity,PA-66 nylon heat insulation strip will be ground thread processing, in the process of aluminum opening teeth through the composite process to increase the combined strength, compared with the smooth surface of PVC material combined more stable, ensure the quality of the profile.

Broken Bridge Aluminum Thermal Insulation Window Frame Manufacturers 3

3. Longer service life

PA-66 nylon heat insulation strip service life due to the excellent nature of the material itself, can be used for decades without fracture, embrittlement and other problems. Compared with PVC plastic insulation can guarantee the use of life more safe and reliable.

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Advantages of broken bridge aluminum:

1)Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum anti-noise sound insulation: the structure is carefully designed, the joints are tight, the test results, the air sound insulation volume to sound insulation 30-40dB, can ensure that the residents on both sides of the highway within 50 meters from noise interference, adjacent to the downtown can also ensure the quiet and warm indoor.

2)Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum fire function: aluminum alloy for metal material, will not burn.

3)Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum sand-proof, wind pressure resistance: the inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, strong wind pressure deformation resistance, good vibration resistance. Can be used for high-rise buildings and residential, can design large area window type, large lighting area; The air tightness of this window is better than any aluminum or plastic window, which can ensure that there is no dust on the indoor windowsill and floor in areas with large sandstorms.

4)Broken bridge insulation aluminum high strength, invariable, maintenance-free: broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows body tensile and shear strength and resist thermal deformation ability of high strength, durable. Broken bridge aluminum profiles are not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, not easy to yellow fade, almost no maintenance.

5)Broken bridge insulation aluminum with a variety of colors, very decorative: doors and Windows can achieve different colors of the indoor and outdoor surface, to meet the customer's preference for color effect, color gambit space aesthetic needs, in line with the architect's personalized design requirements. The aluminum profile adopts streamline design, luxurious style.

6)Broken bridge insulation aluminum green building materials, circular economy: broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows will not produce harmful substances in the production process, all materials can be recycled, recycled, green building materials environmental protection products, in line with human sustainable development.

7)Broken bridge insulation aluminum open in many forms, comfortable and durable: flat open, inclined, hanging, push and pull, flat open and inclined compound, suitable for public buildings, residential communities and municipal projects; High quality hardware accessories durable, humanized operation handle design, beautiful and comfortable, open convenient and flexible, sliding easy and free, silent, mature and perfect doors and Windows processing technology, high precision program control processing center for production, quality stability and guarantee.

8)Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum anti-condensation, frost: broken bridge aluminum profiles can achieve three seal structure of doors and Windows, as many as 8 seal, reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, successful realization of gas-water equal-pressure balance, significantly improve the water tightness and air tightness of doors and Windows, to achieve the effect of clean and bright Windows.

Broken Bridge Aluminum Thermal Insulation Window Frame Manufacturers 6


Windows and doors; Curtain walls; Glass wall, Furniture; Ceiling; LED; Transportation; Vehicle; Solar System; Industrial; Decoration;Heat Sink etc;


Why choose us

1.Heat insulation strip material selection nylon 66 (PA-66) and add 25% glass fiber (GF25), more tensile, hard enough, wear resistance, relative to other general plastics high temperature resistance.

2. Complete products: The company has a full set of production line equipment, with rich production experience and large-scale production capacity

3. Quality assurance: the purchased goods are produced from the source, integrity management quality assurance, strict inspection before leaving the factory, to ensure that the products qualified.

4. Convenient and worry free: We have a strong after-sales service team, technical personnel to communicate specific details for you to answer in detail, better understand your needs, quickly complete the products you need

5. Professional guarantee: years of industry experience, continue to provide high-quality products for various industries, to provide you with higher quality service

6. Free drawing, quick sample, support mass production customization

7. Processing equipment, complete set, sound insulation noise reduction, firm and reliable

8. Provide customers with solutions and one-to-one customized services

9. Experienced designers provide strong technical support


Pre-sales Service:

Provide technical guidance according to customer requirements.

2) Assist customers in designing and making schemes according to technical feasibility.

3) Provide equipment demonstration for customer research, sample making and testing.


After-sales service:

1) Hardware fittings of broken bridge aluminum Windows are guaranteed for 1 year;

2) Lifelong maintenance;

3) Provide technical support.



Q1: What's the standard length of your aluminium profiles be shipping?
A: The standard length of aluminium profiles is 5.85meter, we can cut to specific length as you need.

Q2: What's the thickness for anodizing? Can you do 15um?
A: Our normal thickness is about 10-12 um. Yes, we can do 15um and above.

Q3: What color you can do for powder coating? The thickness for powder coat?
A: We can do any color for powder coat as long as you can provide the color sample. Our normally powder coating thickness is

Q4: What's the packing way?
A: Commonly we use plastic film and kraft paper, also we can make as per customers' requirements