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Zhangjiagang Bangyu Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd

We have been making research and development for special material of PA66GF25 thermal break strip since 2006, we have a deep understanding and rich experience of the relevant industry. We can provide our clients with special material of PA66GF25 thermal break strips of all levels. During these years, we also established a good partnership with many companies is the upstream and downstream industry.


In 2016, Huachuang company together with factory of mold, extruder and factory of thermal break strips established Zhangjiagang Bangyu Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd, which is responsible for international import and export business.
The reason why we joined Bangyu together with the other two companies is that in this field, the requirements for professionalism are very high. In this field, the company that produce raw materials usually do not research machines and molds, but clients usually need all of them. We found this point, so we joined two other companies established Bangyu company together. Bangyu can provide a whole set of solution about thermal break strips, including raw material –PA66GF25 granules, extruders, molds, and technical support. This is our biggest advantage.


Strive for customers’ satisfaction and success, service to customers is the principle we’ve always been insisting in the last ten years, to provide our customers with high-quality products and service.


Our domestic sales volume is very stable. We are the main supplier of two listed companies which produce aluminum profile at home, and will obtain the long-term cooperation with them. Otherwise, we also have the long-term cooperation with many small manufactures.


If customers have the need of purchasing other products, we can also provide procurement service.


Company Details

Main Market

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia

Middle East



Business Type



Trading Company

Brands : BAYU/HC

No. of Employees : 30~50

Annual Sales : 7 million-10 million

Year Established : 2014

Export p.c : 30% - 40%

Address: No. 5-2, Jinle Road, Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Company History

In 2006, we started to make research and development for special material of polyamide thermal break strips.

In 2010, a joint venture was established, which specialized in producting PA66GF25 granules.

In 2014, Zhangjiagang Huachuang engineering plastics Co.,Ltd was established as a sole proprietorship. Except PA66GF25 granules, Huachuang can also produce thermal break strips.

In 2016,  due to the development and management of company, Huachuang jointly established Zhangjiagang Bangyu Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd with mold, extruder manufacturer and thermal break strip manufacturer. Bangyu company specialized in import and export business. 

As a joint venture company, Bangyu company controlled and managed by Huachuang company.

Company Service

Before Sales

1. introduce products in detail

2. recommend suitable solutions

3. provide with reference information

4. propose professional revisions according to customer's drawings

5. answer customer's questions about their production problem


During Manufacturing

1. provide with layout and engineering conditions

2. help customers modify their drawings

3. inform the processing status

4. respect customer's needs, provide customized products, try our best to satisfy customer's demands

5. test the mold and confirm the strip sizes before we send mold out

6. offer related documents


After Sales

1. provide installation, commissioning and training 

2. offer spare parts

3. provide with technical support

4. follow up customer's usage


Company Team

Our experienced team is attentive and expert in their respective fields. From sourcing to merchandising, locally or internationally, they are ready to serve our customers in producing above satisfactory orders. Our company specializes in all products of thermal break strip production line , please contact one of our sales member for further enquiries.

Zhangjiagang Bangyu Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd
No.5-2, Jinle Road, Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
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